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Free ClearLee Clear Skin Set Samples

Free ClearLee Clear Skin Set Samples

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Subscribe now to the finest formulated all natural products brought to you at an amazing price! You won't find any other natural cosmetics that compares in price, quality, and quantity offered. We are so confident that we challenge you to go find one. How is this possible? By sending it directly to you through mail and cutting down on costs and the crazy margins that other companies are charging you, we deliver all the benefits straight down to the people that matter, our customers.  We guarantee that our luxurious mineral water that is incomparably beneficial to other waters, mixed with the finest natural ingredients will surely satisfy you for the long run.  

Our all-natural, mineral water based ClearLee Clear Skin is the culmination of three high quality products that is made to cleanse, exfoliate, rehydrate, and remineralize your skin. It is formulated to not only target the surface but also the deeper layers so that your skin glows and radiates its true colors! The Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser, Mineral Water Toner, and Mineral Water Moisturizer work harmoniously to bring out the best skin in you! Instead of selling each one separately and at a high price, we thought it was best to combine them for our launch so that you get the full experience at the cost of a single product! We at ClearLee believe you should always put the freshest products on your skin and not chemical filled ones that lets a product last years on a shelf. To do so, we've created a subscription program where we will send you a freshly made product at the interval you choose so that you never run out of the freshest product! Plus, who doesn't like receiving a new product every month?

Samples of ClearLee's Clear Skin Set includes:

  • 1 Sample Jar of Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser (Net Wt 0.35 oz)
  • 1 Sample Bottle of Mineral Water Toner (Net Wt 0.20 oz)
  • 1 Sample Bottle of Mineral Water Moisturizer (Net Wt 0.20 oz)

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