Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is extracted from rosemary leaves which look like flat pine needles. It is widely used in the Mediterranean region for both culinary and herbal benefits. The oil boasts a woody, citrus-like fragrance that appears clear in color. Deriving from the words “Rose of Mary” of the Virgin Mary, it has been valued to be a sacred oil for thousands of years.

Rosemary essential oil is used in the food industry for infusions with other oils for dressings and flavoring. Within herbalism, it is used as a therapeutic oil as well as for other health concerns. It contains properties that are antibacterial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and painkilling. It is used to treat headaches, coughs, and internal and external infections. Incorporated in shampoos and lotions, it nourishes the hair to grow, removes dandruff and grime, and disinfects the skin by killing bacteria. Rosemary essential oil helps nourish and maintain clear skin while soothing the mind through its enchanting aromas.