Apricot Oil

Apricot oil is a lightly yellow colored oil that is extracted from apricot seeds. This luscious oil has a pleasantly fruity aroma and originates from Mediterranean countries. Our apricot oil is manufactured in Italy and is 100% pure with no additives. In cosmetics, apricot oil is used to soften the skin and bring shine to hair.

Apricot oil is packed with vitamin E which gives skin and hair a healthy glow. It also has many antibacterial properties that help protect the skin. The oil is great in moisturizers that tackle wrinkles, sunburn, acne, and anti-aging. Additionally, the oil acts as an antiseptic making it a great alternative to damaging chemicals. The essential fatty acids in the oil help firm and tone the skin and the oil’s vitamins are great for soothing the skin that is aging. The nourishing oil can also act as an anti-inflammatory agent to alleviate skin conditions like eczema. It is an all-around amazing oil that is healthy for your skin.