Emulsifying Wax NF (Vegetable Emulsifier)

The key ingredient that binds oils and water together is an emulsifier. Emulsifying wax is created when a vegetable wax of some kind is combined with a detergent, causing it to allow the oil and the water to bind together. It comes in the form of white, waxy pellets that is melted down in the emulsifying process. Vegetable based emulsifying wax is a mixture of plant derived alcohols (not like rubbing alcohol but more of a wax) and other detergents(emulsifying and thickening agents) that are considered safe in cosmetic use and are ingredients that can be found in almost all cosmetic products that requires the binding of oils and water.  

Besides Beeswax and Borax, which are the only undisputed natural ingredients for water in oil emulsifications, vegetable emulsifying wax is best for oil in water emulsifications. Because an emulsifier is necessary for oil and water to combine in products and its sole benefit is a quality level emulsification, we use a very minor amount of vegetable emulsifying wax necessary to complement the effects of the beneficial ingredients like our water and other natural elements our products. All the components of vegetable emulsifying wax score a very high safety rating except one that is moderate, due to the off chance of poor chemical reaction when creating the product and leaving behind trace elements. A few controversies surrounding the emulsifier stands here, but it is a highly unlikely scenario and the quantities of the subcomponent are too small to even take effect if it did. Hence the ingredient is considered safe throughout cosmetics and is an unmatched emulsifier in quality that is more on the natural side.