Pumice is a volcanic rock that was highly pressurized and violently ejected out of a volcano. It is light colored, vesicular, and considered volcanic glass that is usually grinded up for use. Pumice is abundantly created during a volcanic eruption and is light enough to be capable of floating on water. When eruptions occur under water, rapid cooling causes large volumes of pumice to be created.  The rough sponge like nature of pumice makes it a popular natural exfoliant for skin throughout the body.

The abrasive nature of pumice can also be softened when grinded into the right texture and size. As an abrasive, pumice is commonly used in common goods like polishes, erasers, and stone washed jeans. In cosmetics, hard pumice is used as foot stones and in the pedicure process. When grinded finely, it is used in goods like toothpastes and cleaners. Very finely ground pumice also works perfectly as an exfoliant for the face, giving it a gentle scrub that is not too harsh.  The versatile ability of pumice makes pumice the softest abrasive natural item in use today.