Propylene Glycol


Propylene glycol is a versatile ingredient commonly found in skincare products due to its unique properties. Its benefits include:

- Humectant: Propylene glycol acts as a humectant, meaning it helps to attract and retain moisture in the skin. It draws water from the environment and helps to lock it into the skin, keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

- Enhances Product Penetration: Propylene glycol has the ability to improve the penetration of other ingredients into the skin. It helps the active ingredients in skincare products to be better absorbed, increasing their efficacy and delivering targeted benefits.

- Lightweight and Non-Greasy: Propylene glycol has a light texture and is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving behind a non-greasy feel. It enhances the sensory experience of skincare products, making them more pleasant to use.

- Solvent and Stabilizer: Propylene glycol serves as a solvent in skincare formulations, helping to dissolve other ingredients and create stable formulas. It aids in keeping the product uniform and prevents separation or clumping.

- Preservative Boost: Propylene glycol can enhance the effectiveness of preservatives in skincare products. It helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, extending the shelf life of the product and maintaining its integrity.

- Skin-Friendly and Low Irritation Potential: Propylene glycol is generally considered safe for use in skincare products. It has a low potential for skin irritation and sensitization, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types, including sensitive skin.