Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser

ClearLee Mineral Water Cosmetics Mud Mask Cleanser

Our 100% natural Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser is specifically designed to draw out all the unwanted oils of your skin while exfoliating dead skin cells so that your healthy skin shines on the surface! Bentonite clay is of volcanic origin, making it an awesome absorbent of oils and water and the perfect ingredient for a mask and cleanser. Now because we don’t want all the moisture of your face to be absorbed, we’ve perfectly balanced it with aloe vera and glycerin so that your skin is protected and soothed while the cleansing happens. With just the right amount of pumice and Himalayan salt, the mud mask/cleanser has the perfect texture of grittiness without being too rough on your skin, making them the best exfoliators. The Himalayan salt along with our mineral water also helps to begin the remineralization of your skin. Additionally, we’ve specially blended our essential oils (Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, and Rosemary) into our mask so that it helps reduce redness, kill unwanted bacteria, and make it great for acne prone skin all while adding an amazing fragrance!