Mineral Water Cosmetics

Mineral water has been and still is considered a luxury around the world. In fact, people are willing to pay double or even triple the cost of a regular bottle of water in exchange for a bottle of mineral water. And it makes sense. Mineral water, as the name suggests, is filled with earthy minerals, such as various salts and sulfur, which is great for the body!

On top of all that, it's great for the skin! In fact, people pay thousands of dollars to travel to places like the Dead Sea to take a bath in its waters. Even in Korea, which is considered one of the top leading countries in cosmetics, people go crazy for a dip in a mineral water spa.

Joe and David, the co-founders, grew up around these waters and know how potent and amazing it can be for skincare. They've seen the skin of those who took baths in the water every day revert back to youth-like age, smooth and free of blemishes. They even saw a case where a bald person's hair grew back after a couple months of bathing in the waters. In fact, Joe, himself, had worse than average acne while growing up and washed

Experiencing the waters first hand, Joe and David wanted to get the water out to the world. They decided to incorporate mineral water into every one of their cosmetics products, hence the term Mineral Water Cosmetics.