How Our Sets Work

Here at ClearLee, we believe that everyone deserves the best all natural skin care possible. However, we also know how expensive and pricey skin care can get. So we decided to do something about it!

We decided to bundle items that go extremely well together, decrease the markup, and bring the savings straight to our customers. All sets are made with the concept of fulfilling 1 month's supply, with usually a little extra to accommodate everyone whether it's size or usage rate.

We offer each set in a subscription model that can be adjusted or cancelled anytime! You have the power to change delivery date, skip a delivery, adjust the frequency, and stop whenever you like. Yes, you can even cancel after one order. 

We believe in all the products that we introduce and stand confident in satisfying our customers. So subscribe, save, and get all the benefits of the best mineral water cosmetics. Still on the edge? Order a FREE sample to see if the product is right for you!