Frequently Asked Questions

What comes in the Clear Skin Set?

a. The ClearLee's Clear Skin Set comes with 4 Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleansers (Net Wt 2.5oz each), 1 Mineral Water Toner (2oz), and 1 Mineral Water Moisturizer (3oz).

Why 4 Jars of Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser?

a. We believe you should always put the freshest ingredients on your skin! So instead of 1 giant tub of mud where the entirety of the mud is constantly exposed to fingers and air, we give 4 smaller batches so that you can you a fresh one every week. Additionally, all our containers are recyclable so that we stay as eco-friendly as possible while providing you with the freshest products!

Should I refrigerate the products?

a. You can, but don't have to. Our products are all natural and we take pride in using only natural preservatives. However, it is a known fact that natural preservatives are not as effective as synthetic ones. Without refrigeration, our products should last 2 months when kept in a dry and cool area. And we recommend you use it within that time anyways. The Clear Skin Set was created to be a month's worth set with a little more added for those with larger faces, so it is completely fine to keep products like the mud next to the tub if you use it everyday in the shower.

How fresh are our products?

a. We make all products to order. Usually we will either make the products for your order the same day or the following day after your purchase. So you can be sure that you have the freshest product when it arrives at your door.

Can the Clear Skin Set be used for dry skin?

a. Absolutely! For dry skin, we recommend using the Mud only as a cleanser and not a mask. The toner and moisturizer have been formulated to help lock in moisture so that your skin stays hydrated!

How hard should I cleanse with the mud?

a. Not hard at all! In fact, very gently! Many people think that they need to scrub down hard to exfoliate and clean the skin. This not true and it usually ends up damaging the skin more. Use our mud gently, just enough to feel the pumice and himalayan rock salt (or the "grains") rolling around and this will be enough to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. In other words, treat your skin like a new born baby!

How long does delivery take?

a. Depends on where you live. We make all products on order then send them out as soon as we can. We provide you with a tracking number so that you can be sure to know where your Set is. We are based in New Jersey so that should help but all deliveries should arrive within 5 days once sent. (For domestic only)

Are there any artificial fragrances in the products?

a. Nope! We are huge believers that our Mineral Water should only be combined with natural ingredients wherever possible and that includes our fragrances. The essential oils we use have natural fragrances and we take that into account when formulating our products so that the essential oils not only help your skin but also makes the products smell natural, fresh, and great!

Will the set make me breakout?

a. Every skin is unique just as you are! By this, we mean that the set may not be suitable for everyone. We've had many volunteers test the product out to know it is suitable for most skin types. However, as with any cosmetic product your skin may simply need time to adjust to the product. Also, the mud is formulated to draw out all the deep unwanted oils of your skin. So as the mud does it's job, there may be an initial phase where large amounts of oil may be drawn from deep in your skin towards the surface (especially for those that don't regularly deep cleanse or routinely do a mud mask), which will give the impression you are breaking out. Although this may sound annoying to get through, your skin will love you afterwards and shine radiant colors.

There was water between the outer and inner lids. Is this normal?

a. Yup! The inner lid is there so that the mud doesn't go everywhere while being delivered. However, on hotter days some of the water will evaporate and re-condense at the top since the jar itself is waterproof. This won't affect the mud in any way. 

Can I cancel subscription?

a. You can cancel your subscription anytime after 3 successful order cycles. But you can change the interval or skip a delivery date anytime! See Subscription Details for more information.

I want to send in my testimonial for the Clear Skin Set!

a. Thanks so much! You can send them to with Testimonial-(Name) as the header and it might even go on the website!

Why is the company called ClearLee?
a. The founders of the company are Joe Lee and David Lee. A friend of theirs suggested the name ClearLee and it just kind of stuck! Joe and David loved the play on words and thought it "ClearLee" represented both the company and their personalities well.