All-Natural Ingredients

We believe your skin deserves the best and natural ingredients are huge steps towards it!

Many people take great measures to stay healthy, whether it is exercising, eating healthy, or taking vitamins and supplements. But then they just plop on a lotion they bought of a shelf and shower with who knows what, simply because it bubbles. 

Your skin is a living organ that is part of you and it should be considered equally when thinking of your health. Just as you would not eat synthetic, lab grown/formulated food, your skin should not be treated to all the chemicals that you can't even pronounce.

We believe that using natural ingredients is "ClearLee" the right choice when it comes to skincare and skin health. On top of that, we believe our mineral water should only be combined with natural ingredients to bring you the best cosmetics products possible. So we make sure to maximize natural ingredients in all our products and only use safe synthetics where a products definition/identity requires it. (For example, a lotion with both water and oil requires a process called emulsion where an emulsifying wax is needed to bind oils and water together. Although this wax derives from natural ingredients, it has to be made through reactions.)