About Us

Our Philosophy and Values

We are dedicated to providing the freshest premium products using the finest natural ingredients.

We believe everyone deserves to have amazing skin that shines their true colors. We know that it boosts confidence and increases the overall happiness of every individual. Unfortunately, we also know that skin care cosmetics (the good ones, at least) are not the cheapest things in the world. So we decided to do something about it!

First. Bringing you the best products: We believe skincare products should not last on the shelf for years. Why? Because it means that it is full of chemical preservatives, which for the most part, is not healthy or even toxic towards the skin. So we are dedicated to creating premium cosmetic products using the best natural ingredients.

Second. Giving everyone a chance: All natural luxury skincare, like the products we make, are definitely not feasible for everyone. But we believe everyone deserves to experience the best quality skincare. So we decided to commit ourselves to making all our products as affordable as we can make it.

Last. Making every product premium: Our journey originally started with Mineral Water Cosmetics, where we added premium White Sulfur Mineral Water and formulated products by complementing the water with natural ingredients. (Find out more about our White Sulfur Mineral Water!) Premium products has always been a rule at ClearLee. Each product is put through a long and tedious developmental, trial and error, and tweaking phase and only brought to customers when absolute satisfaction is reached. So you can be sure that our products top-notch when it comes to competition.