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Posts tagged: tips

Can I leave natural or organic products in the shower? -3 min read-

If you recently moved to natural/organic shower products, whether it be shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, or moisturizer, you might be wondering if it's okay to leave the products in the shower for convenience. Because there are so many products out in the market, I can only give a general answer but with sound reasoning. If you are wondering for a specific...

Is it OK to use the same cosmetic tools on different people? -4 min read-

Let’s say you’re on vacation with your friends or live with many people in one household. It might not make sense to have a separate tweezer, nail clipper, or even ear picker for each and every person. But, when you go to borrow or use the same instrument that someone else was using, something about it might seem uneasy, dirty,...

Should I Keep the Sealing Disc on my Cosmetic Products? -2 min read-

If you’ve ever bought products that come in a jar or circular container, like our Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser, you might have noticed a sealing disc (usually white) on top of the opening of the jar. If you’re like me, then starts the ultimate dilemma of whether you should throw it away or if you should keep it. Many of you...

Why am I getting ACNE? -5 min read-

“How do I get rid of my acne?” “What can I do to cover up acne?” “What is the best acne treatment out there?” These are just a few of the common questions about acne that almost everyone asks some time in their journey through life. Then there are the follow up questions. “Why doesn’t this product work for me?”...

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