Why am I breaking out? -2 min read-

Why am I breaking out? -2 min read-

There are so many cosmetic products out in the market today and both men and women are on the lookout for the perfect regime for their skin. What does this mean? It means that people are always trying out new products at an attempt to piece together the perfect formula for their skin. This is a great thing and more people in the world should treat their skin with such care! However, from this, arises a question that every cosmetic lover will face during their journey.

Will my skin break out with every new product I try?

Cosmetic gurus already know there is an acclimation period and most know what that timing is for their skin. But for those of you who are new or just now starting to dive deeper into the cosmetic world, the acclimation period may catch you off guard! Many people decide to try a new product out only to find out it makes them break out, and ditch the product forever saying it’s not for them. Now while this may be true for certain products, the more popular case is that the skin is simply in the acclimation phase.


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An acclimation phase is a period of time where your skin is adjusting to the new products. Your body is amazingly built and has a natural defense system that will react to anything foreign. For example, one of the many reasons you can get a pimple is because your body is fighting against a bacteria or some other microbe so that it does not infect your body. (I'll dive deeper into acne in a future blog article!) While this is an awesome mechanism to keep you safe from harmful infections, it backfires just a bit when it comes to cosmetics.

When you try a new product, especially one with different ingredients from your regular regime, your skin has no idea what it is. So it takes the “better safe than sorry” approach and begins a defense against it. And WHA-LAH, it looks like you are breaking out. But if you give the product a chance and keep at it, your skin will quickly learn that there is nothing to worry about. Typically, this acclimation or adjusting period lasts anywhere from 3-7 days. If after 7 days you are still breaking out or getting a rash from a product, then that is your skin telling you, “Nope, this ain’t for us.” So unless that happens, don’t be so quick to throw out new products!


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Another reason people breakout from a new product is simply because they are using a product that draws out impurities. I’ll use our Mineral Water Mud Mask/Cleanser as an example. The mud mask is specifically designed to draw out impurities and unwanted oils of the skin so that your skin is healthy and radiant! Now while the oils on the surface will be quickly absorbed or washed away by the mud, the deeper impurities will need some time to be drawn out. As the Mud Mask/Cleanser does its job, the oils and impurities buried deep in your skin will slowly come towards the surface. This will appear and look the same as a breakout. However, this is a necessary process in cleansing the skin and your skin should clear up afterwards. How long this process takes will depend on the skin type. Some skin types will take only a few days while others, such as oily ones, may take weeks to months.

Hopefully, this was helpful to all the new and upcoming cosmetic lovers out there! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below. You can also request a topic you want to know more about! Thanks for reading and keep loving your skin!


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