Do I need to throw away my lip products after a cold? -3 min read-

Do I need to throw away my lip products after a cold? -3 min read-

If you just recovered from a cold or a fever and used your lip stick, lip balm, or chapstick while you were sick, you may be wondering if it is okay to use those products without getting sick again. Fortunately, the answer is YES! Most viruses will not be able to survive on your products long enough to re-infect you when you reuse the product. On top of that, if you are now better, it means your body has already built up an immunity against that virus. So there is very little to worry about when it comes to continuing to use the same lip products you have been using while you were sick. This is amazing because it will save you money and you don’t need to worry about replacing every product.

So what’s the catch? A streptococcal infection. There are various types of streptococcal infections and different traits about them but since that involves medical knowledge and a lot of studying to learn the traits of each one, let’s leave that to the doctors and I’ll just say what is important. No matter which strep it is, one quality they all share is that these guys can SURVIVE. Even worse, they can REINFECT. So if your doctor told you that you were sick with something like strep throat, do not use the same lipstick, lip balm, or/and lip product after recovering. Just throw them out because trust me, it is not worth the chance of getting sick again.

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Although it depends on what medication your doctor prescribes you, chances are, your meds will probably cost more than replacing your lip balm. So invest in the $3-20 lip product and get a new one. I hope this answers the question and that you learned something new from it. If you have any other questions or follow up comments, please post them down below and I’ll be sure the read them! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time!

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