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"We promise to use only the best natural ingredients to complement our mineral water!"

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Our Ingredients

Raw Ingredients

Aloe Vera
Bentonite Clay
Citric Acid
Himalayan Rock Salt
Kaolin Clay
Magnesium Sulfate
Mineral Water
Sodium Bicarbonate
Stearic Acid
Emulsifying Wax NF (Vegetable Emulsifier)
Witch Hazel


Apricot Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Jojoba Oil
Sunflower Oil

Essential Oils

Natural Fragrance
Tea Tree

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What is Natural?

The word natural can mean so many things in the cosmetic world! This is mainly because of two reasons. First, the word itself is such a vague term that many companies and people alike can use it to their liking. Second, and probably the reason for the first, is that the FDA does not define what natural is and does not put any regulation on the use of the word. So we will tell you exactly what natural means to us so that there is no confusion!

For us, natural refers to ingredients that are grown and harvested from fruits/plants or elements that are mined from the Earth such as minerals and water. All our products show the percentage of natural ingredients we used. Now, there are some products that are impossible to make using only natural ingredients simply by the nature of the product. For example, moisturizers and lotions are products, by definition, that join an oil and water together by a process called emulsification. This requires an emulsifier that is synthetically made. For such instances, we put the term “All-Natural” on our products when we used 100% natural ingredients beside the required safe synthetic. We are highly dedicated to using only natural ingredients to match our mineral water so that your skin gets the freshest and best experience possible! So you can trust us to do everything we can to bring you the most natural mineral water products possible!