Mineral Water Moisturizer

ClearLee Mineral Water Cosmetics Moisturizer Lotion

Our Mineral Water Moisturizer is an all-natural moisturizer formulized to complete the remineralization of your skin. On top of the mineral water base, which gives your skin all the minerals it needs, the perfect blend of natural oils and essential oils provide all the vitamins your skin could ask for! Additionally, the oils help bring all the minerals into your cells so that they can use them to stay healthy. We’ve also added just the right amount of jojoba oil, which mimics the natural oil production of your skin. This helps decrease the natural oil production of those with oily skin while, on the other hand, provides the much needed oil for those with dry skin, who suffer from insignificant oil production. The watery nature of the moisturizer may catch you off guard, but don’t be alarmed! You will be pleasantly surprised at how nicely the lotion spreads, how quickly it is absorbed, and at how long a single application lasts!