We set out on a journey to create a product that will bring the spa experience of a natural spring straight to your home. Our Mineral Water Bath Bomb turns your bath into a milky mineral-filled spa. As you bathe in the water, the kaolin clay lightly exfoliates your skin leaving it silkier and smoother while the salts and minerals are absorbed into the body to relax and heal the body.

These are large bath bombs weighing 7~8 oz! 

Fragrances (All 100% Natural)

Uplifting: A blend of citrus and herbs with a focus on citrus to create a fragrance that uplifts the mood and leaves you in a spa surrounded by natural citrus plants.

Soothing: A sweet pomegranate fragrance that soothes the mind.

Rejuvenating: A herb focused fragrance that combines both calming and energizing scents to create a balance that first relaxes you then invigorates your energy, leaving you rejuvenated.

Healing: A blend that brings forth lavender and ylang ylang to create a calming and healing fragrance during your bath.

Mineral Bath Set: One of each fragrance for a total of 4 bath bombs at a discounted price.

Mineral Water Bath Bomb

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