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Posts tagged: dermatology

Your Skin and Your Diet -3 min read-

It’s not rare to hear that eating a bar of chocolate will make you break out. Or if you are of Asian background, like me, a bowl of ramen might do the same thing. In fact, maybe you have personal experience of it. So does your diet really affect your skin and cause breakouts?   ClearLee skin and...</p>
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How Often Should I Exfoliate My Face? -7 min read-

“How often should I exfoliate my face?” This is a common question asked by many skin enthusiasts. I’ve read many blog articles and seen many videos written and made by skincare gurus, but none seem to accurately and completely answer the question and most generally lean back on sharing how often they do it. Now, they are definitely not wrong...

Why am I getting ACNE? -5 min read-

“How do I get rid of my acne?” “What can I do to cover up acne?” “What is the best acne treatment out there?” These are just a few of the common questions about acne that almost everyone asks some time in their journey through life. Then there are the follow up questions. “Why doesn’t this product work for me?”...

Why am I breaking out? -2 min read-

There are so many cosmetic products out in the market today and both men and women are on the lookout for the perfect regime for their skin. What does this mean? It means that people are always trying out new products at an attempt to piece together the perfect formula for their skin. This is a great thing and more...

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